Working on Project: NESS right now, barreling through these last few thousand words to finish this thing before 2021 kicks the door in. It’s right there, all the pieces, all the players, everything I was hoping to be building to, but I just need to grab it.

I’ve tossed up the CryoChamber Twitch channel on my phone as a second screen of sorts. They play synth/ambient/horror music against the backdrop of a futuristic punk city. A “cyberpunk” city, if you will, except this one actually works.

Too soon?

Need to get a second screen, but I’m not sure how I would keep the boys from yanking it off of my desk. Also, I realize using a picture of my Batman Beyond collection would have worked a lot better for this CyberPunk 2077 smackdown of a post. I will adjust for next time and make sure my featured image ties into the contents of whatever AAA game I’m insulting.

Still haven’t quite figured out how to put a non-picture signature at the bottom of these posts. Just something to sign off with easily when I type one up on my phone. Everything I find is either for an image signature, which I don’t like, or a signing form for legal purposes. If you see anything or know of a way around this, let me know, please.

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