Feeling that “plugging in” feeling again. When I haven’t sat and typed for a really long time and the guilt begins to take over, then I don’t sit and type for an even longer time, so the guilt compounds, adding on, until I collapse unto myself like a dying star made of guilt and Mexican food.

What a great day.

Breaking a short writing fast here. Nothing too out of the ordinary, just life getting in the way and since this site isn’t necessary for my writing career, a lot of the times it gets pushed to the back. Which is fine, but that guilt lingers. I guess that’s the biggest problem I’m having right now: dealing with writer’s guilt.

Writer’s Guilt. Query Lull. I’m coining a few terms here in the Isle of Blogging, Fifth Draft location.

Isle of Blogging isn’t mine. It’s Nabil Maynard’s and you can read his stuff here.

Currently In Front Of Me:

-The outline for Project: DEED. I’m reviewing the chapter flow, to make sure the characters’ arcs line up and convene to form an overall theme. This possible misalignment caused me to stop writing it a few years ago, but I still believe in the story and what it holds so I’m back to it. It’s a 12 page outline. Should only take me…*looks over at twin boys glaring at me from the playpen*…13 days?

-Project: GREY’s new outline is done. For those that might have missed, I’m adding on 8 or 9 chapters to the story to pad it out. In a good way, I must add, as some agents have informed me there’s a pacing issue and maybe I need to add some room to give these characters to breathe.

-Project: NESS, still in its first draft, is unfortunately the thing I’m working on the least. Since it’s a middle-grade contemporary fantasy, I felt working on that while also working on GREY (a middle-grade science fiction story) was a bit redundant. DEED is a middle-grade realistic fiction, so I’m working in two realms already. Felt like I might be stretching myself too thin if I’m trying to get two books with similar vibes off the ground at the same time.

Anyway. Wear a mask. Get the vaccine if you can. Tell someone you love that you love them. Talk to you soon.

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