Technically, I’m in the same room (the playroom), same corner (my corner), but there’s a big change.

A few weeks ago I posted about wanting a second screen.

Most of my freelance (and some of my personal writing, but really only when I’m in the editing phase) requires me to look at multiple screens at the same time. So, naturally, a 2nd screen would help speed this process along. I’m big on process and systems going according to plan (just look at my classroom [oh, wait, I don’t have one right now] and you’d have found everything was in arms reach, nothing I needed on a day-to-day basis was tucked away, desks and tables had a natural flow from the door all the way to the back of the room, and I was able to see all my students at any given time) so I was hesitant about getting one. Would it actually increase workflow? Would it make sense to buy one now as a freelance?

All this to say, I have a second screen now. It’s an LG QHD 31.5″ monitor.

I spaced apart the shelves underneath the desktop (it’s an IKEA Klimpen) to make a lower level to store all my notebooks, pens, and paper tabs. This gave me more room to fit a second monitor one, while also clearing out the workspace to still have room to write. Unsure about the middle support system but I’ll give it a week. Might try to rig up a middle beam.

Easier flow, dual screens, and more space. Typically an article for takes somewhere to an hour to an hour and 10ish minutes. The article due today took me 50, zero discomfort or accident in the flow.

Sometimes, you have the best friends in the entire world, and you don’t truly understand what that means.

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