Happy Zack Snyder Day, Patsy.

I know you wouldn’t be in to this kind of thing, but, it’s happening. Whether we want it to or not. Debating whether to devote an entire post to the “Snyder Cut” or not or to keep talking about things I actually love. Also debating removing the dates from these posts and putting in a little snippet of what’s on my mind. For example, this one might have been called “STATUS – We’re All In Zack Snyder’s World Now” or something.

Got a lot on my plate today, and hoping the boys sleep long enough to let me get through it, but I knocked out 1,000 new words yesterday on Project: GREY. Hoping to keep that momentum going today with another 1k.

Project: DEED is burning in the back of my mind. I know I finished the outline but now I’m not sure the themes are coming through clear enough. I know some authors say don’t force it, let them come naturally, but this “theme” is a real big part of the narrative structure. It’s like if on Scrubs you couldn’t tell if J.D. was having a fantasy in or not. Need to triple check it.

This is post #3 of the week. Want to get to five posts, total. Have a new Book Fair coming tomorrow. Been trying to nail it down, which is silly because this is a silly little website meant for my silly little thoughts. There shouldn’t be that much put into it.

Get to work.

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