I was watching this YouTube video on the Paul brothers yesterday, Patsy.

It’s okay if you don’t know who they are (they’re terrible people and that’s really the end of it), but in the video the young man, D’angelo Wallace (who has a voice that soothes the mountain lions), was giving the Paul Bros. scoop said something I’ve been rolling around in my head the last 24 hours while moving books up to the second floor.

He said something along the lines of, “When you’re just starting out making content, don’t post a lot. You’ll just saturate the lower levels with a ton of stuff. When you’re just beginning you want to make a few really, really good pieces to get people to follow you.” I don’t remember where in this near hour-long video he said it, but, here’s the video he said it in:

And this is the evidence that proves that point.

That huge spike right there? That’s from when I published my Zack Snyder Justice League review, something that took me a few days to write up, edit, and snag links and images for. Sure, I might have just been riding the wave of popularity of it, but the title had a clear message, the blog was longform, and it did the best numbers on here in a long time.

It’s nothing spectacular when compared to some of the bigger blogging websites, but it does make me reconsider what I’m doing here. Posting near daily STATUS posts with nothing substantial or interesting for anyone but me in there feels a little hollow now. Like, I enjoy doing them. I enjoy talking to you, Patsy, and giving brief updates on my life, but it seems like what attracts people more is


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