Hello and good afternoon and welcome to summer in Phoenix. You’ll never be able to step outside without feeling like you just inhaled an entire bag of cotton balls and the weather is so unbearable you can actually watch flowers pray to their gods as they slowly shrivel up.

It’s impossible to go outside without making peace with the fact you will return home much sweatier than when you left. My advice? Keep drinking your warm coffee. Your innards will have an easier time if you avoid ice cold water as opposed to room temperature water. You’re going to sweat, that’s okay, just don’t make any sudden, rapid movements. That’s how you keep cool.

Also, I haven’t written in Project: DEED since Monday, and even then it was only 300 words. This was all before Baby B decided he was alone, thus warranting his crying tantrum which took me away from the computer for a while.

But I’m back.

And there’s words to create.

Also, this stupid beauty dropped in my lap today.

SPOILERS: This trailer ends with He-Man using his already considerably sized fist to punch an even stupidly bigger fist that Skeletor summoned from a wormhole dimension thus making this the greatest piece of cinema all year long.

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