My wife is allergic to cats. She’s gotten more used to it in the time we’ve been together but we try to have some rooms blocked off to give her some safe spaces to go to so she doesn’t have to itch her nose constantly. However, we’ve just started letting the cats wander wherever they want to because…we found a cockroach in our bathroom a little over a week ago.

They’re happy, but hungry, moving in a pair as they stalk the upstairs, searching for their next kill.

We haven’t seen a bug in over two weeks.

I’m scared to ask where the bodies are buried.

I just started working out two weeks ago. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.

As of writing I have missed two of the possible six workout sessions. Why? Sleep.

There’s nothing else to say. Sleep. When you’re a parent sometimes you have to choose between sleep and other stuff. Frequent visitors of this site will report that oftentimes I choose sleep over writing, the thing I want to do as a career.

Shouldn’t I push past the tired? Shouldn’t I be trying to break my own limits and “go beyond plus ultra?” The truth is: I do.

With my boys. I push and strain myself every day to keep up with and be the best father for my twin sons. Unfortunately, that’s the thing that drains me. You can’t “go beyond plus ultra” if you’re already “going beyond plussing ultra” somewhere else. The candle has a limit to what it can burn.

But today? Today I feel really good. I missed working out so I could write instead. That seems like a fair tradeoff.

And coffee. Drinking lots of coffee.

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