We’re leaving for Sedona today, Patsy.

You’d like it. You’ve been. These are the brand new Field Notes Trailhead edition, which seemed like a good choice to bring along with me. Trails and vortex’s galore and I want to log them all down.

We’re heading up there for the remainder of the week so I’m on hiatus from all writing for that time. No freelancing, no WIPs if I don’t have to, and no editing if I don’t have to.

Which means I won’t be finishing Projects DEED or GREY in time for their July 31 deadline.

But we’re writers, aren’t we?

We never really stop.

I’ll see you guys at the start of August. Take care. Check out my other stuff on here if you haven’t. Drink water. Summer is almost done.

That’s the sound of Phoenix laughing at me.

Thanks for reading,

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