Sedona was wonderful, Patsy.

I know you would have loved it. You did the last time. Maybe we would have been able to book you a room a little closer to us? And served some pasta with some flavor? I didn’t have a problem with the dish but I know it was a point of contention for you.

It’s got a sense of magic about it, doesn’t it? Sedona, I mean. It’s become a certain type of tourist attraction, filled with locals hyping the magic of the vortex and the meditation spots alongside tourists, like me, who come either for the physical exertion of the major hikes or to buy in to the magical healing properties of crystals because as long as you give anything power it has power.

This post isn’t going to do crazy numbers. It’s going out on a Sunday evening, with no discernible SEO that’s bound to bring me in the views. No, this is something small, personal, meant only for the site as it exists as the front-facing aspect of my personality. I went on a family vacation to Sedona. I didn’t write anything for nearly a week. This is killing my fingers.

Anyway, I turn 34 in a few days. Project: DEED and Project: GREY aren’t done. I missed the deadline.

So, you know, processing all that.

But I’m back. Ready for another go round. Ready to plug back in. Ready to make these fingers do something that might financially help those I love the most.

That feels like a good goal.

Let’s get to it.

Thanks for reading,

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