Now, hang on a second, Robert,” you might be saying to yourself (And if you’re saying, “Now, hang on a second, Bobby,” that means you’re a close friend of mine) (And if you’re saying, “Now, hang on a second, Bob,” that means you’re family) [but let’s be honest, none of my immediate family is here, anyway], “why are you declaring a project for National Novel Writing Month (learn more here) when you already have so much on your plate?

Truth is, I’m kind of in a holding pattern.

Project: GREY, my middle-grade science fiction adventure, the book I just spent the last 8 month rewriting, is with my extremely gracious Beta Readers. They’re all still reading it over, meaning I can’t make any changes to it nor can I query it out to agents.

Project: DEED, my middle-grade realistic fantasy, is in its 1st draft, nearly complete. I got seriously thrown off of it when I had to make my trip to Tucson for an emergency, and honestly, I haven’t gotten back into it since. (That changes today, by the way. I’ve spent the last week psyching myself up and I think it’s going to pay off seriously.) That should be done by mid-October.

Which leaves November, a month of editing. And editing. And editing. I’ll take the notes and comments from my Beta Readers to fix up GREY while pushing DEED along into its 2nd draft, red pen edits and all, sometime around mid-November? To give myself enough of a break in-between writing the thing to get some new clarity with it.

Which leaves no new writing projects for the remainder of the year.

And I can’t have that.

See, this year especially, I re-recommitted to my own work. To wake up and say, “This is another day. Another glorious, precious day, worth more than gold, and you know what you want to do with it. Cash in those coins and make your life worth the thing you wish you were doing for a living. So write, you fool, WRITE!”

And it’s hard to ignore that feeling.

I consider that a good thing, honestly. It means something’s awoken, churning away in me, and it doesn’t want to stop. It’s up to my job to try to wrangle that passion, funnel it into something positive, and make something of it.

You know. Artsy stuff.

Project: KING is the name I’m giving this years NaNoWriMo. I already starting filling up a notebook with key points and bigger story beats. I’ll show you what I’m using later to start really breaking the story down.

Also, the boys may have gotten to it.

Time to get to work.

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