There’s a lot of waiting going on right now, Patsy.

We’re waiting on some family news to hit us from Tucson. It’s a roller coaster, full of the highs and lows that makes your stomach queasy and a wish to get off but you have to rid it through to the very end. It’s why we went out of town last week, and it’s why we’ll probably have to go back out of town in the coming weeks. When? Who knows. Which is the point.

It’s a heavy weight, and it’s making it harder to concentrate on any meaningful work. Even doing this took three days of mental preparation. Once we returned from Tucson I thought, “This will be a good thing to write about.” And I sat.

And nothing happened. Nothing could happen, because my soul was still wrapped up in the emotional complexities of handling what’s happening. So the most you can do is try to find something to take your mind off it and let it settle in your soul.

Eventually, you’ll get back to it. If it’s meant to be, you’ll get back to it.

Sorry for the weird, vagueness of this post. I’m sure most of you can figure out on what kind of news we’re waiting on, but I’d rather not talk about it until there’s something to actually talk about.

The other thing I’m waiting on is the notes from my Beta Readers. Project: GREY is all finished and being read by people whom I trust will tell me what works and what doesn’t. So what do I do with all this free time?

Try writing something else, I guess. No time like the present, after all, because if you’re not doing something now then there’ll be no time to do it later.

At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

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