These are all the notebooks I used throughout 2021, starting with the Field Notes Snowy Evening in the top left, all the way down to the Field Notes Clandestine edition in the bottom right. 11 notebooks, spread out over 12 months.

The Heavy Duty editions, the hardcover ones with spiral ring at the top, typically covered a month and a half worth of content. That’s why I didn’t crack the perfect 12-for-12 scenario.

And speaking of content, what’s actually in these things?

Daily Bullet Journal set-ups, daily water intake, chore logs, blog starters, story started, Project: GREY fixes, Project: DEED notes, hundreds of article intros for Mr. Takei’s websites, Magic the Gathering decklist ideas, Magic the Gathering game notes, Dante and Kota’s scribbles from when they snatch my notebook and pens, packing lists from when we quarantined with my in-laws, and dozens of shopping lists.

And I’m certainly missing stuff.

2021 was a lot, but 2022 is looking to be more. And I’ll be ready.

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