My Neighbor Totoro somewhere in the range of 30 to 50 times in the last three weeks. My boys are deep in the neck of “This is my favorite movie of all time and we will watch it every day without bore” phase of their viewing. Will they grow out of it? Maybe. Will I drown in a sea of Joe Hisaishi music? That certainly seems the case.

Wife and I are still adjusting after Baby C was born. She’s only become mobile in the last month, and is recovering a little slower than she’d like.

Every part of me that’s still an elementary school teacher is screaming “Get these boys on a schedule!”and “Watching a movie every day so we can grab a break or a breather is not the way to be raising toddlers!” But three kids in, wife in recovery, twins at THAT age where communication goes out the window with screams, we’ve decided what’s best for everyone is if we live in a “Just For Now” state of mind.

Watching a movie every day is okay…just for now.

Not getting outdoors time every day is okay…just for now.

We’ll get these boys’ lives optimized to where they can learn and grow and explore soon.

Just not right now.

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