Fifth Draft

Learning To Be A Professional Writer



STATUS – 8.23.2022 –

No worries. There's always tomorrow. Slow pace, forgive yourself, and try again the next day.

Stepping Back To Step Forward

These talks began a few weeks ago when I figured out that, on a good day, I have three hours to write.

We Have Watched…

Will they grow out of it? Maybe.

A Little Bit Of Inspiration

Wrote this before Baby C arrived, and before we knew he was a boy.

Remembering How To Be A Dad

Then something funny happened yesterday...

A Week Later

I've been trying to write this for a week to say that I won't be able to write for longer than a week.

What You Give Up

I think a lot about what you "give up" to try and become a writer.

Just A Note, For Me

I'm just sad. And angry. Then sad.

Plugging Back In

Happy 2020.
I'm gonna uppercut it in its stupid face.

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