Hello and Happy New Year.

We did it. We stayed alive long enough to tell everyone around us we’re still here. Typically, across my socials I still use, I’ll share this heartwarming, yet slightly bleak, photo:

There’s a lot you can take from it, but for me, I think the easiest interpretation is the best: All we can hope for is another chance to do this whole thing again.

I got work lined up, ready to tackle for the year. I have books to edit. I have books to read. I have games to play with my sons. I have game to beat. I have a wife who loves me. I have a family who tolerates me. I have friends who, for some strange reason, enjoy my company.

What else can you ask for?

Get to it. We’ll be talking more.

Oh, and if you can, go get a shingles vaccine. It essentially took me out for the month of December and I’m only now starting to feel like a real human boy again.

Thanks for reading,

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