This is a Phyrexican Compleat Bundle, from the card game Magic the Gathering. This particular box comes with 12 booster packs, regular, innocent packs, you could get from any card shop. The real kicker for this bundle is the special Compleat Edition booster that comes with 12 Oil Slick Raised Foil cards along with 2 Oil Slick Raised Mythic Rare Foils. In all, the box is now going for somewhere between $120 and $150, depending on the seller, but that’s not what I paid for it.

I bought mine weeks ago, just waiting to open it, but I put a price on it. An additional price.

Finish the 4th draft of Project: NESS, readying it for Beta Readers, first.


I did.

Project NESS is now in the hands of people I trust who will read it over and tell me if it’s any good. Not so much the line-by-line editing, as I still have a 5th Draft (Hey) to catch any typos, but more about the flow. How does it read? Do the characters catch you? Are you invested?

Initial reports in say…Yes. They are.

And I am very excited. A second book to start pitching. The dream of being a professional writer.

Sorry. Didn’t mean to lose myself, but it’s hard not to get excited. It’s easy to deprive yourself of that excitement, especially doing what I’m doing (querying agents), but when that spark comes, that realistic dream spark settling in the nuzzle of your heart, then you need to nurture it.

Agents can say no, they can always say no, but I’m waiting on that yes.

And that feels more exciting now than it ever has before.

arizona rennaissance festival
Oh, got to go to the Renaissance Festival this past weekend for the first time since 2019.

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