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Why Your Take On Batman Is Totally Wrong

Doing my best to discuss one of the most personal, important topics in my life.

QUOTES – The War Of Jokes and Riddles – Tom King

There's weak spots, and I'll talk about those some other time, but sometimes it's all how you leave them.

QUOTES – The Batman’s Grave – Warren Ellis

Well, when you put it that way, Alfred, it all seems crazy...

Quotes – Batman R.I.P. – Grant Morrison

Sometimes it's nice to believe in something bigger than us.

Quotes – Batman: The Black Glove – Grant Morrison

"We were all inspired in different ways -- Some saw a chance for redemption, some were thrill-seekers, some were rich and bored... ...but 'heroes?' Only a little kid would ever think we were heroes." - Man of Bats Grant Morrison's... Continue Reading →

Life’s Too Short For Books You Hate

I love using the typically gaming-related term "ragequit" on books.

Break It Down – Joker Movie Trailer – “Put A Smile On”

Is stunned the word you use when you don't know what else to do and just need to write a blog post

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