Fifth Draft

Learning To Be A Professional Writer



BTW | Back To Writing

I saw a doctor in the early weeks of October.

STATUS – 3.25.2020 –

No haircuts for 30 more days.

Plugged In

I got a lot to accomplish this year, same as every year, but these guys being born brings about one small difference: The value of change.

Fatherhood, Part III


Take Care Of Your World Before Writing

It lets you be free.

Coming Back From Buying A House

Annnnnnnd we're back... ...and things are still the same. I am coming off a very intense last two weeks. Positive that many people know what it's like to close on a house, but this is our first time and it... Continue Reading →

When You Haven’t Written In 2 Weeks

Here's some stuff I'm trying this week to help me rev back up to full-speed writing machine

Wheels Up

2 1/2 day trip. Overnight flight. 2 pairs of jeans. 4 shirts. Undergarments (socks, undershirts, etc.). 3 notebooks. Leather pencil pouch. 2 books. iPod. Ear buds. Belt. Toiletries (toothbrush, deodorant, etc.) Kindle Fire with Bluetooth keypad. (Light writing on the... Continue Reading →

Real Life Happens

Time gets taken from you. There's no stopping it. What's worse is when you realize it.

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