Hello and good morning.

I’ve woken up at 6am these past two days with the hope of continuing that tomorrow. I want to get into this routine of waking up at 6am to get at least an hour of writing time in before the boys wake up.

Yesterday, I did no writing. My alarm chimed what iPhone set up for me, I grabbed my phone, and proceeded to scroll through pretty pictures and battle in Pokemon Masters until I felt okay enough to get up. That happened around 6:45ish, which thought left me with enough time to maybe get some writing in.

Baby A put a stop to that, as he came downstairs sometime before 7a.

No worries. There’s always tomorrow. Slow pace, forgive yourself, and try again the next day.

Today I woke up at 6a, the alarm singing, and snoozed it twice. This was premeditated, as I told myself I was allowed two snoozes because for whatever reason I believed Snooze Sleeping (Snooping? Sneezing?) is better than potential Doomscrolling. After the second Sleeze Chime, I arose, came downstairs, put on the coffee, put away dishes, took care of the cats, and got to work doing this.

All in all, that took about 20 minutes, so maybe instead of rising at 6a, I should try 5:45a. That would give me time to do some minor chores, set coffee if I haven’t done that, etc., before sitting down to write.

I know it may not come off in my writing but I am so ecstatic to be doing this right now.

Thanks for reading,

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