If you don’t follow me on Twitter (and honestly, why are you here if not because of that?), you would have missed this groundbreaking announcement:

After a series of long talks with my wife, about our family and our hopes for the future, I am not taking any freelance work for the foreseeable future. This means all time I have is dedicated solely to The Book and to the kids.

These talks began a few weeks ago when I figured out that, on a good day, I have three hours to write.

This means if the kids are behaving, taking their naps, falling asleep when they’re supposed to, and not wearing me down so much I pass out right when we lay them down to sleep, I have 3 hours of time to sit at my computer to do writing work. If it’s not an optimal day, like they’re cranky, one of the kids doesn’t nap, or we have a late bedtime, then that time shrinks.

When I was freelancing, typically 2-2.5 of those 3 hours would be taken up by article creation. You know me. Most of my stuff starts in a notebook before going up on the computer so I was able to cut some time from there.

If I wanted to make serious headway on The Book (whichever of my projects I’m working on), then freelancing was going to be a massive time sink.

The talks wife and I had about our future involved a lot of the financials. If I sold a book, what would that look like? I’m not shooting for superstar author status (if that happens, cool, but realistically, that’s not what happens), but if I can make a solid living doing this, writing, then that should be the goal, right? The boys aren’t going to need me at home for forever, and if I haven’t sold a book by the time they’re all in school, then I should return to the classroom. That’s just responsible.

Freelancing was a wonderful time in my life, that taught me a lot, and helped support me when I was getting my tutoring business off the ground.

But the kids need me. They need my mental space to be more open. The twins aren’t getting younger and the ways they need to be entertained desire to be a little more complex.

The books need to be written. DEED is almost done, then it’ll be off to beta reader. GREY needs to be queried WAY more than I have been, but researching agents takes time. The next book has to be written (which is shaping up to be NESS).

It always has to be written. That’s the only way to survive.

I’ll be on here a lot more, sharing what I find interesting, talking about the books I’m reading, and keeping things a little more updated. That’s the plan. I’ve only been jobless for a few days, cut me some slack.

Oh yeah, cut my hair…

(I just realized if my wife read this should would remind me that I’m not “jobless” because taking care of the three boys full-time is a job.)

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