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Morning Pages

STATUS – 2.16.2021 –

*Note: Copied over from morning pages journal vol. 11, personal journal vol. 14, dated 2/16/2021

Picking Up An Old Habit

...if you say anything is a certainty with your child then they will almost immediately do the opposite of what you just said.

STATUS – A Small Start –

Maybe waking up at 4am is the answer?

Giving Up An Old Habit | What This Website Is For

It became my rocket booster and my stone in the road.

Life’s Too Short For Notebooks You Hate

All this to not feel guilty about leaving a notebook 2/3 empty.


*Note: Copied over from morning pages journal vol.3, personal journal vol. 6, dated 8/21/2018 Let's talk space. BBC One, a podcast selection I listen to occasionally, recently did an interview iwth the first British astronaut to orbit the planet. I'm... Continue Reading →

First Blog Up & Stoppage Guilt

So the Winter Break is at an end, the chaos of the holidays is over, and I got sick in Disneyland. Was it worth it? Absolutely.

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