*Note: Copied over from morning pages journal vol.3, personal journal vol. 6, dated 8/21/2018

Let’s talk space.

BBC One, a podcast selection I listen to occasionally, recently did an interview iwth the first British astronaut to orbit the planet. I’m definitely getting the minor details wrong on this, and I don’t even remember the name of the astronaut, but none of that stuff really matters. What matter is what he said about space.

Déjà vu. Weird.

He said that going up into space, seeing the curvature of the Earth, bearing witness to the stars and blackness of space, made him seriously reconsider intelligent design.

“How could I see all that beauty and not think that someone or something was not involved?”

Again, paraphrasing.

An astronaut, a man of science, said that he’s open to God somehow being involved in the creation of the universe. He was overwhelmed, doused in the space light and bathed in galactic majesty. “How could I not…?” he asked.

This might prove a conundrum for many of my generation, who were taught to stand by our believes and hold our principles near and dear to our hearts. That data matters more than anything. Anyone who’s changed their mind or went back on their word should, and was, considered worse than trash. You made a promise. Keep it.

You’re an astronaut. Be an astronaut.

This astronaut (whose name I swear I will look up later. [SPOILER ALERT: I did not]) chose to break his promise to science. Events can change you. They can make you better or make you worse, but the important thing to remember is to be open-minded to them. To listen.

Be aware.

Your whole worldview could be shifted.

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