Honesty: I started a day late on my 100 Days of Working Out chart. I planned to start Monday, but, you know, Twinmaggedon. But I did workout for the first time yesterday and am feeling the positive effects carry over today.

Sore? Sure, but I can feel my body responding positively to the training, even after a day. Like, abs.

Did you know your body has abs and you can use them to sit up straight? Strange.

On the following page is my first Morning Pages in, hm, three months? I stopped shortly after quarantine started and I transitioned into a full-time Stay-at-Home Dad role. It became too difficult to try and find time to write in the morning.

However, with the world the way it is, with many of the people in this business I admired being revealed as not-so-great, my mental health was in a bit of a dark, stanky pit. Daily writing with a focus on inspirational, meditative quotes (courtesy of Brain Picking’s. Check them out here.) suddenly became a lifeline to get my mind right. I can’t do 3-400 words like I used to, but if I fill up a whole page of my Leuchtturm1917 journal then it ends up being about 200. That difference in time is important.

NESS is coming along as it’s coming along. Haven’t yet hit a 1,000+ word day yet, but it’s coming. I just need to wade my way through these 200 word days and find the time to sit and think with it.

Received 2 more rejection notices for Project: GREY, bringing my total number to 5. Need to submit again this week.

Maybe waking up at 4am is the answer?