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STATUS – 2.17.20 –

A day out.

New Author Photo & Bio

Who ‘dis?

Watching A Lot Of Television

Hopefully, these guys learn to grow up soon and stop acting like babies. Seriously.

Fatherhood, Part III


Plugging Back In

Happy 2020.
I'm gonna uppercut it in its stupid face.

Each Year. Every Year.

I'm not sure who first popularized this meme. Unlike most internet content, I feel this one offers something positive and positively simple to take away. I didn't write as much as I wanted, but I wrote more than I thought.... Continue Reading →

Fatherhood, Episode II

... ... I was peed on twice before having my morning coffee. And I've never been happier. Thanks for reading, Follow me: Twitter: @robacosta Instagram: @robacosta Contact: robertmichaelacosta@gmail

One Handed Blogs

Ever since I brought these little lava monsters home- -it's proven unsurprisingly difficult to sit and write. Yesterday, while warming bottles and making dinner and doing the dishes to help my recovering super wife, I had a notion for a... Continue Reading →



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