I guess I do feel a bit of shame sharing my April Skill Grid (Habit Tracker, for those of you non-Final Fantasy players), but I wanted to be up front and honest. April was hard.

In short: a stomach illness started on April 1 in Baby B, and didn’t leave him until April 24? 25? But it was right around that time Baby A came down with a 103 fever. And in the middle of all this, Baby C was being a baby, as is his nature.

A cute baby, but a baby nonetheless.

So, no, there wasn’t a lot of mental space to do Morning Pages every day or enough time to do some mindfulness meditation. This month was about survival, making it to sunset, passing out in bed next to your sick child, and praying the next day will be better.

And sometimes you have months like those. It doesn’t mean you uproot your entire life or reconsider everything you’ve ever done to lead to this moment (much like my wife and I did multiple times). You take a breath, take the loss, and try again next month.

Setting up May’s Skill Grid now.

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