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Weeknotes 38

I've been waking up at 4am for the past week. Do not cross me.

Weeknotes 28

People, take note, if you have never bought a house know the space-time continuum collapses down into a slinky-like shape.

Weeknotes 25

(NOTE: This introduction, and most of the Weeknotes, was taken from yesterday's morning pages journal entry. This is why I reference it as the last day of the month even though it's going live in July.) It's the last day... Continue Reading →

Weeknotes 8

I've played around with the idea of reviewing things on this page. Maybe opening up a second blog to just put down some thoughts on things I watch. Story, craft, structure, and so one.

Weeknotes 7

The desert is an awful, terrible place which should be burned to the ground. *checks notes I’ve just been informed the desert would probably appreciate that.

Weeknotes 3

Typically, monsters get summoned, songs are sung, and a good deal of mead gets drank. In fact, all of those things happened.

Weeknotes 1

This is a new habit of mine.

Weeknotes 0

Honestly, I can't imagine anyone wanting to read this, but it's something I read about and a new style of blogging I want to try and I have a keyboard in front of me so here we go.

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