Fifth Draft

Learning To Be A Professional Writer


Writing While Parenting

April Was Rough

This month was about survival, making it to sunset, passing out in bed next to your sick child, and praying the next day will be better.

STATUS – 8.21.2022 –

I burnt out.

Every Little Thing Matters, Even When You’re Not Querying

And long stretches of time when nothing is being accomplished can feel lonely. And empty. And futile.

STATUS – 5.3.2021 –

We've been in this for so long because people refused to listen to reason, ignored the science, and decided their needs were greater than the needs of the many.

STATUS – Twinmaggedon Is Only Growing –

I don't collect Pop Funkos, at least not consciously. I have a good deal of them, I'd say. I'm not in the same league as those people who have an entire office wall dedicated to the rarest ones you can... Continue Reading →

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