We’re traveling again this week. Wife and I are fully vaccinated, as well as my family out of town, so we’re making the trip to stay with them for a few weeks since they haven’t really gotten a chance to spend time with the boys this past year.

That’s nearly 14 months of pandemic, if you’re keeping count.

I listened to this podcast last night as I was rocking Baby A to sleep (who refuses to embrace it, as he feels the concept of ‘resting’ is for the weak, and we should burn their villages to the ground and take their livestock, but that’s for another time) about the worst kind of people to be during a pandemic. The individualistic, the lone gunmen in the apocalypse, is completely unhelpful during times of real crisis. We’ve been in this for so long because people refused to listen to reason, ignored the science, and decided their needs were greater than the needs of the many.

They put themselves first, not in a helpful way, but in a damaging way.

And my grandmother suffered for it.

Now, whenever I see someone I KNOW for a fact hasn’t been vaccinated, is not social distancing, or is flat out not wearing a mask in an extremely public place, all I think is, “You did this.”

India is suffering right now. We’re on vaccination appointment shortages because people don’t want to get them.

And all I can do is write about it. (Trying to keep the exclamation points to a minimum, if any, but I just wanted to get some frustrations out.) You get one bit of bad news and you don’t know what to do?

Write it out. Let the typing do what otherwise your actions couldn’t.

I wish I could do more, but I think one of the babies is awake so I might have to bail out of my writing time right now. Be safe. Drink plenty of water.

We need you here.

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