My thought behind a post like this is to take a slightly longer thought, something that doesn’t work as well on Twitter or Facebook, and publish it here.

Like an online notebook, jotted down to share with whomever wishes to see it. Mostly, it’ll be about writing, connecting with loose threads to how I work or what’s popped in my head. Maybe not deserving of a whole Fifth Draft post, but it’ll have some loose connection to writing.

Maybe that’s what I’ll call it? The Online Notebook? That way it’s easier to categorize:

So, I’m working from home a lot this summer (If you have students or children in need of summer tutoring to pull ahead or catch up, please contact me at or find me at and the way I fend off the impending darkness of my own mind is I play Disney Park music to create a peaceful, creative ambience.

Because, magic:

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