You know what’s really hard?

Writing a book.

Let me explain.

I finished writing Project: GREY, my middle-grade novel, a few months ago, near the end of February. That was over 3 months ago. In that time I’ve done rewrites, edits, plotting of the next book, and somehow managed to have a wife become pregnant with twins.

Still processing that….

*freaking out at keyboard

So, basically, it’s been a short minute since I wrote a book. Now, initial beta readers told me they liked the book (as I discussed earlier). Yay! Confidence! Self-esteem! Validation that maybe what I’m doing isn’t a huge waste of time! If people like my book, then maybe that means whatever I would do next will be even better!

Then, Project: BIANCA.

And then.

And then…

It’s like everything I learned about writing a book in the beginning of the year, literally the very purpose of this website, had slipped from my mind. How do you write dialogue? When are you supposed to start a scene? How much character description is too much and/or too little?

So, yeah. That’s where I’m at. This is the time where I’ve recalled every author I follow on Twitter and Instagram discuss how tough it is to write a book. These aren’t amateur authors, mind you, but pros. Published writers who voice the same feelings I’m going through right now. Though, I’d argue their emotions are a more heightened level because there’s an actual job on the line. For me, it’s just a dream.

So, you know, less.

You read it here first! Money > Dreams.

But they say the same thing: Every time I start a new book, I immediately forgot how to write a book.

So I guess I’m in good company.

It’s not uncommon to forgot the tricks and pathways you used to survive your last story. That’s normal. What you can do is try to think of it like a video game replay. Yeah, that one boss level (You know the one.) is probably going to give you a hard time again, but you’ll be prepared. You set yourself up for success without even realizing you. You gathered the right items, powered up the right weapons, and equipped the right armor to tackle the task.

Just like I am:

Writing a book, even if it’s bad, is better than not writing a book.

You should know your main characters as well as you know other people’s main characters, like Superman or Batman.

Give yourself credit when you play in the arena of gods.

Remember the advice of writers and creators you trust. Write. Put one word after another. Finish what you’re writing.

You are your own favorite author.

Sometimes, 100 words is okay.

Trust your words. Everything that would make you a successful writer is already inside you.

Now get out there…me. And write.

Thanks for reading,

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