About the only “celeb influencer” I follow on social media still is The Rock “Dwayne” Johnson. His work ethic is ridiculous, and can be admired by anyone in any profession. Now, I understand he has a professional team that takes those “candid” shots of him getting off a plane at 3 o’clock in the morning, but still, the team isn’t in the gym at midnight getting his leg reps in.

I want to become “The Rock” of writers. I want to be show that writing can be as well admired as “working out.”

I want to hold myself accountable.

That’s what I assume every at-home, gonna-be writer wants for themselves. A way to say, “Hey, you know what self? I want to accomplish all these things today! And now, I’m gonna do them!

And then, usually, you succeed and everyone is happy and celebrating in the streets with champagne and Doritos.

But, we’re all aware that’s not what happens. Most of the time you set yourself up with these tasks but never fully follow through on them.

So, to help me with that (and because public spectacle is the only thing that seems to work for me) I’m going to start doing (when I can) a daily #WriterList on Twitter, listing out what I plan to write for the day. Then, periodocally, updating throughout the day with an “X” in the box of what I completed.

Twitter isn’t the best place to be on right now but I still think it has potential to be used for things like this.

Real-life updates of positive goal-setting.

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