*copied over from morning pages notebook, dated 9.25.19

I left my notebook at home, so I’m left to doing this again. Been awhile since I ‘ve had to do a transfer from notebook to notebook, but in a way I’m glad. Since beginning this new lifestyle of waking up at 4am, logging everything down, writing, and using the Field Notes for everything else, I felt disconnected from writing in them for more than a few lines a time.

This will hopefully break that glass wall surrounding my writing.

I feel that’s a common throughline through my writing at the moment.

Just finding the ability to do it.

However, the fact I’m writing about it so much is a good sign. Means I’m actually putting pen to paper or fingers to keypad. Just, not always in the way I want.


Fiction is what you want to tell, right? Stories that take place in other worlds, in other lands, allowing people to transport to other realms of imagination.


Never forget that.


Maybe some dives into reality are necessary for this skill to grow?

Try to picture it. A person in one of your stories sat at their old oak desk, a gift from their recently deceased grandparents on their 9th birthday, when they were so adamant they wanted to be a writer. Nothing mattered, except that. They might have spent all summer at that desk, surrounded by empty cereal bowls and pencils sharpened down to just above the eraser.

And that might come up, and you need to be able to explain that.


That felt good.

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