You can see what action figures I have kept above my desk.

Behind the open notebook for Project: HARP is a pencil cup full of Sonic Screwdrivers.

On the small table behind me, which April found at a Goodwill and resembles an old steamer trunk on legs, is a mini-Keurig with reusable filters for mid-day coffee because, let’s face it, you’re gonna need it.



Whiteboard with project due dates on it. The chain dangling there is from Sylvain Neuvel, a science fiction author I had the honor of meeting last year at Phoenix Comic Con. He was excellent. I won the chain in a charity auction for Kids Need to Read. It ties into his wonderful series, The Themis Files.

You didn’t do much writing today because you spent most of it decorating and unpacking Halloween decor with your wife. You’re getting this out at 10:15 on a Saturday night when you could be asleep, but you’re nearing completion of the house.

Well, at least this corner.

Your corner. Pretty soon it’ll all be “The Boys'” corner. But for now?

A little slice of creative freedom.

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