This is technically #5, because the 4th one I did was entitled A Little Slice so no one would have recognized it.

Occasionally I can’t meet with clients at their homes. It happens. No big deal. Let’s find the nearest coffee shop nearby. Wait? What’s that? All the Starbucks in Phoenix are overcrowded and good luck to us for finding a quiet table where some little kid isn’t kicking the chairs behind you and throwing their toy cars at the back of your head? (True story. True, awful story.)

When that inevitably happens I try to find a local shop within reason. Last thing I want is to make a client drive all the way to me.

I like to drink local. It helps my soul feel better that I spend money at coffee shops when I could be making it at home. It does make me feel better that I’m putting money into something that benefits the area where I live.

Lola’s is that place. Nice long tables. Quiet workers. Music that’s played maybe just a bit too loud but never too deafening where you can’t have a conversation. I think they serve breakfast until noon.

Sal De Mar Cookie
*drools in pumpkin

The picture is from when I ordered a pumpkin latte (because I’m basic so sue me but you can’t because all my currency is now in pumpkin) and a Sal De Mar cookie which is like a baked piece of heaven in my mouth.

I am currently behind one blog for #100DaysofBlogging. Will have to get something else out before the end of the day.

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