Have cheat days.

Cut corners.

Get it done. That’s what matters. Results. How you get it done.

This one’s going out after my designated bed time on a Wednesday. If I want to wake up at 4am, to work on personal projects, then I should already be in bed. But I’m not. There’s still coffee to prep. My bag to pack. The cats to feed. Teeth to brush. The house to lock up. So many little things that pop in your line of sight, when you should be narrowing in on the task to finish.

But you push them out of the way, get the work done, and move on.

I can only do these things by cutting things off and throwing things overboard and dropping out of the world. You, reader, do not have to do it like me. There are more ways of doing art and work than there are flowers under the sun. Pick the one that works for you. Live well and make great things in the method that suits you best. You don’t have to ruin yourself trying to fit into the stated processes of idiots like me who write on the internet to break up their days.

Warren Ellis


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