Fifth Draft

Learning To Be A Professional Writer



STATUS – Pocket Blog –

This is coming to you from the Isle of Blogging. Just a picture and a post. Nothing much. Here I am. Here we are. Written on my phone. Trying it out. There's an idea, and I'm not the inventor or... Continue Reading →

Cutting Corners And Cheating To Get It Done

Have cheat days. Cut corners. Get it done. That's what matters. Results. How you get it done. This one's going out after my designated bed time on a Wednesday. If I want to wake up at 4am, to work on... Continue Reading →

Coming Back From Buying A House

Annnnnnnd we're back... ...and things are still the same. I am coming off a very intense last two weeks. Positive that many people know what it's like to close on a house, but this is our first time and it... Continue Reading →

The Next Book

Which means there's a chance it could be...bad? Not good?

Weeknotes 19

Simply controlling small lets you know there are things both grand and minuscule in this world.

So, I Finished A Book

This is 1 part explaining my process and 2 parts getting it out there so I know what the heck I plan on doing

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