This is another short one, because my day is full of students and freelance writing which leaves short spurts for free thinking. So don’t think of this as a fully formed blog post. Instead, think of it as the beginnings of something. Murmurings in the back of my head needing to get out in some form.

So, what better place than the internet!

Since I’m querying, I’ve come across many agents’ profiles on Agent Query and Publisher’s Marketplace requesting what they want from a novel. I came across one years ago that’s stuck with me, for good and bad:

“I want a good story, well told.”


Suddenly, I wasn’t thinking about the structure or flow or characterizations of my story. Instead all I could think was, “DID I TELL MY STORY WELL? WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN? WHAT ARE WORDS??”

I don’t think there’s an answer, but all I can connect it back to is this quote from Stephen King on how to edit your stories:

Cut the fat.

Tell your story.

There’s something there, something so simple everyone would overlook the brilliance of it. Don’t waste time. Tell your story.

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