Turns out people like content.

If I turn out even more, people like content about babies.

When I committed to blogging every day for the next 100 days, until the end of 2019, I was not positive what kind of impact it would have on my site views. Sure, every post I wrote back in the “Whenever I Get Around To It” days pulled in, on average, single digit Views, sometimes with outliers breaking into the double-digits.

This also applied to individual Viewers, because if statistics about your creative endeavors weren’t enough to drive you mad, it so happens there’s a difference between “Views” and “Visitors” and WordPress is darling enough to show you them all while you cry hopelessly at your desk.

100 Days of Blogging One

The above was taken right when I started #100DaysofBlogging. The big dead zones you see where there’s no views were days when I didn’t write a blog. Surprise, surprise, if you don’t write, no one will want to see what you’ve written. The random spike on September 7 was the post Coming Back From Buying A House.

Now, what happens after I started blogging 100 days straight?

100 Days of Blogging Two

There is a constant stream of visitors. The site would routinely crack 10 individual visitors per day, sometimes breaking 15 and pushing close to 20. The tall spike? The post approaching 30 individual visitors on October 6?

Babies and Writing.

So, up until October 14, my two most popular posts were about the struggles of trying to write while buying a home and trying to write while contemplating my diaper-doused future.

And then? This.

100 Days of Blogging Three



It looks like viewer numbers dropped, but that’s just what happens when your Views and Visitors take a drastic jump. On October 26, I published three posts to get caught up (because I had missed two days):

STATUS – Blog 1 of 3: Nursery Time –

STATUS – Blog 2 of 3: A Moment –

STATUS – Blog 3 of 3: A Reason to Write –

Three blogs in one day. Increased viewer numbers. A super relatable idea behind each one (trying to put together a nursery and solidifying the reason you want to be doing this whole creative endeavor in the first place.)

I think I just learned the first rule of content creation: Create something relatable and easy to connect with, while also wrapping it up in your own idea gift wrap, then present to the world.

Not sure I can do this all the time. I still like writing super random things like this or this, but, this is a good guideline to follow.

People! Always look at your data!

#100DaysofBlogging rolls on! We got 59 days until 2020. It won’t come easy, but it will come.

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