*Note: Copied over from morning pages journal vol. 9, personal journal vol. 11, dated 11/11/2019

**Double Note: So, this morning.

What I want.

Why am I doing this? Putting myself through a daily grind of mentally abusing my work output. Every day, telling myself, “Hey! You should be writing!”


Why am I not satisfied? Because I want the good life. The life that was created out of my work.  To substantiate my income as an educator with writing? Maybe that’s the mindset.

I think, in my head, I want to become a writer and take the time off to go to Disney World. (Of which I have never been to.)

I know. It’s an easy, simple goal. But…

That’s it. That’s the mantra. That’s the thing to repeat in your head again and again and again.

Work and write so hard you can afford to pay to go to Disney with your twin boys and your wife and have a magical time.



T-Minus: 2 weeks? 3 weeks? No one can tell us. Twinmaggedon is coming soon.

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