You know what’s really difficult?

Trying to write 100 blogs over the course of the last 100 days of the year. Currently, I’m at 48 total blogs written with 42 days left until 2020 kicks our door down and screams into our post-New Year’s morning cereal. To make sure I hit this mark, 100 blogs by January 1, I have to do 2 posts a day, minimum, for the next 10 days, then I can go back to doing one post a day.

See, kids?

Math is is totally going to come into play in real life when you assign yourself an arbitrary obstacle to overcome on the internet.

Here’s how the months have looked so far for blogging daily:

September 2019 Daily Blogging

October 2019 Daily Blogging

November 2019 Daily Blogging

There’s a bit of a drop-off at the end, what with #Twinmaggedon approaching so soon.

Honestly, I’m happy with my output, especially when I compare it to what I was doing before I gave myself this challenge:

May 2019 Blogging Daily

June 2019 Blogging Daily

Basically, my output has increased by a percentage which I don’t know (Okay, so math isn’t always going to come into play...) and that means a lot more people visit the site, which means a lot more eyes on me. How many?


100 Days of Blogging Stats November 2019

No matter who comes here and reads this log of madness, I thank you. Sometimes it’s easy to forget how many people actually are. (See? Madness.) 30 people reading my blog on one day equates to a large room saying, “We wanted to come check out your stuff.” That’s an average college classroom. And the issue new writers, like me, experience is “professional jealousy.” It’s so simple to get lost on those authors that have 5k or 10k or 100k followers.

You are not them.

I am not them.

My goal is to tell stories that people/kids who enjoy reading would like…Er, to write stories for people who pick them up to enjoy? Or? To write stories that people who might like them would, in fact, like?

I know not everyone can/will read my stuff. That’s impossible. To focus on the story, or telling the best story I can, that should be my goal.

Miles, the hardest thing about this job is, you can’t always save everybody.

I’m sure I’ve heard that somewhere before.

Thanks for reading,

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