Autumn Christian is an author whose first work I experienced was the blood and soul soaked story, Crooked God Machine. (Amazon) It was beautiful and haunting and I had nightmares about it for days afterwards. A world where our planet is run by a demagogue with godlike powers, hidden behind the television, and the only hope for escape is love inside a meat freezer. Tragically gorgeous.

She sends a weekly newsletter (which you can sign up for here) and I was going through, cleaning out my inbox from the #Twinmaggedon brought-about “7 Week Hibernation,” and I came across this beautiful gem from her newsletter sent just after the New Year:

I want you, if you’re still reading this, to become the best version of yourself. Not what everyone wants. Not what you think is a comfortable shell to climb into. But what you are, spirit and essence bound. The wolf inside the skin. The machine that prints money tinged with fire. I want you to stop thinking in resolutions and to lay your head back and begin to dream. Then every day, do what you can to move toward the dream. Carry expectation like a pack full of fertile soil. Maybe you’ll jostle out a seed. Maybe you’ll find a small creek and a cottage where you can drop your pack and have your dreams take root.

Maybe you’ll be the one who sits on the edge of the forest and hears the call of the witch. Maybe you’ll be the witch, gargling with blood and salt-water, practicing your scales, to make that call the best it can be.

Happy 2020. Stay beautiful and weird.

Stay beautiful. Stay weird. Find the wolf inside your skin.

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