Been watching a lot of shows since the boys arrived. Turns out when you’re holding a baby and your wife is holding a baby and you take turns swapping babies so you’re then both holding a different baby there isn’t a lot of time for physical activities.

Hopefully, these guys learn to grow up soon and stop acting like babies. Seriously.

Anyway, been watching a lot of TV. New TV, actually. When my hiatus from life started, work, writing, that sort of thing, I tried to vow to do as much new stuff as possible during this time. No reruns of shows or movies I’ve seen a hundred times or rereading books I find comfort in. The boys bring me comfort now, so my mindset was to try and take in more new stories. Since life is slightly less chaotic in some regards and beyond nuts in others, I can sit with the tales to really let them sink in.

Unforatunely I’ve tried talking to the boys about what I think and they just look at me with their stupid cute faces looking all stupid and cute, doing nothing but eating and pooping and sleeping.

Who am I to talk about them with?!

Since it’s a new year, I might as well talk about them with you.

Nothing too in-depth, since, well, twins, but maybe I can offer a few quick pointers.

What Worked For Me.

What Didn’t Work For Me.

Final Rating. Out of Five? I think?  A nice number with a lot of wiggle room, similar to what wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer uses for his star rating as he observes wrestling matches. In Dave’s own words:

Briefly, a dud match is one without any redeeming social value.

Five stars is for something stupendous. I may see eight or nine five star matches per year.

A negative rating means not only was the match worthless, but obnoxiously bad. 0.5 is for a terrible match, but at least there was a high spot or something. 1 is a bad match, 1.5 is below average but tolerable; 2 average, 2.5 kind of good; 3 Quite good; 3.5 almost great; 4 excellent; 4.5 better than you can ask for.

Honestly, it doesn’t really matter. These are my opinions and unless I start writing something again I’ll slowly lose my mind.

I’ll have to get these out in crazed rushes while the boys nap somewhere between 20 minutes to 3 hours.

*Kota stirs

Here we go. I may not have written 100 Blogs in the last 100 days of 2020, but that doesn’t mean I won’t write 100 or more blogs this year.

I’m a writer.

I write.

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