I wrote about this a little while ago, but essentially, I’m a new dad of two beautiful twin boys. As such, I spent a lot of those first 4 weeks with them on the couch, cradling one in my arm, watching a billion shows.

Are they books? No, but they are stories, and all stories have something worthwhile to offer.

NOTE: These are my personal opinions and should not be treated as yours.

The Premise: Billionaire Scrooge McDuck is tasked with taking care of his three nephews, Huey, Dewey, and Louie, while their uncle Donald does his best not to lose his mind as they battle evil all over the world. However, are there greater mysteries lurking right in McDuck manor for the boys and their new, inquisitive friend, Webby, to find?

What Worked For Me: Everything. Top to bottom, TTB, I loved this show from the end of the first episode. While I wish I had a stronger connection to the original Disney Afternoon series, and even wished I read the Carl Banks’ books this series is based on (*looks to immediately add to bookshelf), I have to give credit to Francisco Angones and Matt Youngberg for crafting a show so tightly knit and well-written. Each episode has a hundred things happening in the foreground that you miss the small things in the background, requiring multiple rewatches.

I think I viewed the first season about 6 times over my winter hiatus.

The mystery of the Duck boys’ mother was intriguing for me for a multitude of reasons, but it’s primarily more indicative of what the show wants to do on a grander scale: build the lore and expand the legacy of these franchise characters we’ve been exposed to for years so we feel like we’re part of their world.

You WANT to know more about the boys’ never-before-mentioned mother. You WISH you could learn the history of Scrooge and Donald and why they’ve not talked in years. You NEED to live in that mansion and play dart gun war games with them and be part of their family.

Beautiful stuff.

What Didn’t Work For Me: Nothing comes to mind. Honestly, if there’s a more perfect season of cartoon storytelling, or any kind of storytelling, I can’t think of it.


If you watch the first season on Disney+, watch episodes 4 and 5 first, then watch the rest of the series in its natural order starting at 1. They really need to fix that.

Final Rating: 5 out of 5. Perfect.

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