I wrote about this a little while ago, but essentially, I’m a new dad of two beautiful twin boys. As such, I spent a lot of those first 4 weeks with them on the couch, cradling one in my arm, watching a billion shows.

NOTE: These are my personal opinions and should not be treated as yours.

The Premise: Continuing on from the stellar season 1, the Duck family’s adventures continue. Louie (the green one) begins to question his place in the group, Scrooge engages in a dangerously huge wager with his lifetime rival Flinheart Glomgold, and the mysteries of what happened to the Duck boys’ mother, Della Duck, begin to fully unravel.

What Worked For Me: Take all the greatness of the first season (creative concepts, interesting characters, funny banter, quick thinking adventures, NO mine carts) and amplify it to the level beyond the highest level.

Matt Youngberg and Francisco Angones and crew have truly created a modern myth masterwork for our time. I said in my review of the first season that it’s as if they watched these Disney characters across multiple media, shows, movies, and games, then decided to unite them all. A multiverse existing all within the world of Duckburg, and it works!

Plus, Youngberg and Angones seemed to have been given the keys to the Disney Afternoon (TM) kingdom and are itching to give us as many nostalgic pops as possible. (Gummi Berry Juice, anyone?)

Plus+plus, as a mega-fan of Donald Duck, the episode “What Ever Happened to Donald Duck?!” made me feel things I never quite knew I could feel. Suddenly, everything about the character makes perfect sense, you feel for him, and want him to be victorious for possibly the first time in the character’s 80-year career.

Donald Duck!

What Didn’t Work For Me: With further rewatches, the series does line up pretty well, each piece of the season’s stories building towards the finale, but on first watching it didn’t quite feel that way.

While the season long resolution to Della Duck’s disappearance is handled extremely well, the Louie Inc. story mixed with the McDuck v. Glomgold bet didn’t gel nearly as well throughout the season. Some parts didn’t line up and sometimes you’d be asking yourself where this was going. By the end, they tie it up all nicely with a stellar finale, but it did feel just a bit forced.

Not a lot. Just a bit.

Final Rating: 4.95 out of 5. Slightly less than perfect. The airplane wobbles a bit upon re-entry, bobs over an air pocket, but the pilots put it firmly on the ground then proceed to knock it out of the park with a grandslam touchdown with that stellar 2-part finale.

I think I’m mixing metaphors here.

Now give us Season 3 you cowards!

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