This is a pocket blog, published on the go as my Return To Life Schedule (TM) is slowly being put into place. I only have one client now, as my afternoons now belong to the Twins. I’m sure they’re not draining my soul energy, leaving me an empty husk.


This picture was taken on the go the other morning. I found it while scrolling through pictures of the boys and I wondered, “Why did I take a pic of this sandwich in the passenger seat of my car?” It’s an everything bagel with egg and ham. I declined the cheese because I’m entering my golden years and dairy does funny things with my tum-tum.

Suppose I took it to remind myself of the Life of a Freelancer, where maybe what you do is just a little bit different from non-freelancers. Not better, most definitely not better in many regards), just different.

Breakfast in rush hour.

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