Fifth Draft

Learning To Be A Professional Writer



Weeknotes ’22: Vol. 5

Baby C is coming in hot. Less than a month until his due date, actually.

The Great Substack Exodus – Is It Right For You?

To become a writer people will pay for you have to become a writer people are worth paying for

STATUS – Today’s Writing Is Brought To You By…

That's what it's taking for me to survive, Patsy.

STATUS – Keeping Track Of Things

I'm doing my paperwork, Patsy.

STATUS – 12.16.2020 –

Less than 10 days until the special day.

STATUS – 5.21.2020 –

I'm about to pound this espresso and finish work before the twins wake up OH GOD THEY WOKE UP.

STATUS – 5.11.2020 –

It's 5 in the morning when I took this photo.

STATUS – 2.5.2020 –

Life of a Freelancer.

Plugged In

I got a lot to accomplish this year, same as every year, but these guys being born brings about one small difference: The value of change.

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