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STATUS – 2.5.2020 –

Life of a Freelancer.

Plugged In

I got a lot to accomplish this year, same as every year, but these guys being born brings about one small difference: The value of change.

Freelancer Car

What are words, really?

STATUS – 11.4.19 The Sequel –

Sometimes, this is also the life of a freelancer. You take the good with the not so good, shuffle them together, and hope your deck deals more of the former than the latter. Because sometimes lunch is a macchiato and... Continue Reading →

STATUS – 11.4.19 –

Life of a freelancer. Get used to it. Thanks for reading, Follow me: Twitter: @robacosta Instagram: @probacosta Contact:

T.O.N. – Just A Reminder

This is the life you chose.

You’re Your Own Worst Enemy When Writing, And That’s A Good Thing

I'm a freelance writer, looking to write books for kids, meaning I'm my own boss AND my own employee.

Weeknotes 10

See, when we write and plot and plan and prepare to writewritewrite, all we think about are the finished products of our peers/idols.

Setting Up For The New Year

It's time for 2018 to end and get ready to move on.

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