Art is a growth experience. So think about any time you had a moment of growth. Growth rarely feels good at first. Growth is bones aching from puberty and sore muscles. It’s blood and groaning that turns into a scream. It’s the shiver-shake of panic fear before you cross a metaphorical tight rope into a new experience.

But after that, it feels good. So good. Like coming out of the rain. Like sitting beside a fire after trudging through a blizzard. Like a cool wind on the hottest night of the summer, briefly lifting your hair away from your sweating temples.

From Autumn Christian’s most recent newsletter. While I may not agree with all that she said about art (which is fine, disagreement is a part of discourse), this part was very well said and, I feel, extremely important.



The Land of Stories: The Wishing Spell by Chris Colfer (Goodreads)

Project Update:

GREY – Novel. Rewriting chapter 1 for submission.

HOPE – Novel. Rewriting outline to begin novel from scratch.

NESS – Novel. Planning and plotting phase. Jotting down thoughts and notions about characters in a Monster Rangers notebook. (Steam Crow)

Always moving.

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