Two years ago I wrote this on Facebook:

Which then led to a Facebook Note (Note? Seriously?), which I turned into this blog entry.

To follow, I got this notion:

And here we are.

It took a couple of months to plan out the specifics, like the domain name and the, you know, reason to have a blog in this day and age. However, with so much of social media burning down around us I’m glad I hopped on the Isle of Blogging where you have a lot more control of where you steer.

Even if sometimes you don’t always know where you’re going…

“Isle of Blogging” is a term coined by Nabil Maynard over at so give him a look see.

I’m trying to finish editing the first chapter of Project: GREY, trying to rework an outline for Project: HOPE, a year after I gave up on it, and trying to get some thoughts down for a new YA fantasy novella length story. I’m not even sure where they could publish something like this, but it’s biting in my mind with steel teeth, a story I would very much care to read, so, what better reason to write?

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