I am “Shelfie” days into quarantine, where I look around the room for incalculable amounts of time, staring at walls, stumbling upon my bookshelves, and think, “Hmm, I should move that 3-D printed Cthulhu dice tower over to the right instead of the left.”

Also, existential job crisis blah blah blah will talk more when there’s more to actually talk about did you see my bookshelf?

I’m deep in the heart of Project: TWILIGHT notes, a YA contemporary fantasy. Since I don’t plan on starting to actually write it until October, I’ve given myself a good head start to prep all the world building. This book, unlike Project: GREY, involves creating an entirely different world landscape with new rules and guidelines.

So, you know, that takes lots of time. If I can finish by the end of November (shooting for about 80,000 words on this one) then editing it can be the first big project of 2021.

Project: NESS, a MG contemporary fantasy, looks to be ready for me to start writing in June. 30 days long, with a 2nd and maybe even 3rd(?) draft before the year is done. I’m just waiting for this school year to finish up with my students and maybe for the world to open up? I don’t know. We might all be walking into a disease-ridden meat grinder once the doors open up.

We’re Americans, after all. You can’t tell us what to do.

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