Continuing on with my shelfie pics, this is the bottom half of the same bookshelf. You can see part of my comic collection down at the bottom, indie/small-press shelf with DC comics on the very bottom. I suppose I enjoy shelfies, as an alternative to selfies. I’d much rather look at a well organized shelf than people, I guess.

Except shelfies where the books are all organized by color rather than by series or author.

You know who you are…

It’s 6am and Project: NESS is on the docket. I’m trying to nail the first version of this outline, where all the notes and story ideas have to begin to flow together. Almost all accomplished authors state “character is key,” but at some point something has to happen to those interesting characters and it’s my job to make those things happen and make them interesting no pressure at all HAHAHAHA.

Still working on the settings for Project: TWILIGHT. World-building is the best, isn’t it? Due tomorrow. May have a late night.

My wife informs me I misspoke yesterday when I said I was “unemployed.” It makes it sound like something bad has happened, instead of us making the conscious choice, together, of me becoming a stay-at-home dad to our twin sons.

What a job.

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